I Wish

This is a poem I wrote some time ago about a boy I once loved, who didn't always return the feeling.

I wish that with every breath I took,
I wish that with every tiny look,
You would care and you would follow,
Not just make me feel so hollow
I don't want to say it, I said it before
When I caved in you walked out the door
I'm running and running, don't know what to do
No matter how far I go, it's always been you
I'm sick in the mind, and hooked in my heart
Cupid's arrow's in me, that's the worst part
In dreams I fall, always into your arms
In reality I'm unable to resist your charms
It's so wrong and so mean to all those I love
I've cursed hell below and whoever's above
Oh my dear, my darling, when push comes to shove
Forget the rose, the teddy, the heart, the dove
I don't want to say it, I can say it no more
I've screamed it till my lungs were sore
You stopped caring long before
I've told you and told you and told you too much
I love you, and I miss your touch.

The End

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