I Wish

This is a poem I just wrote. This is about interracial love, and also about black women who, despite what people say, finally be happy with who she is with. While at the same time, wished that people in today's world would get along.

I wish the sun would shine everyday. I would feel the rays. It makes me happy. I love the warmth and that happy feeling that I get. I wish people would get along. Those in Ferguson and around the country. When people learn to accept other people in different shapes, sizes, and colors. To make others smile, and to say a prayer to one another. To make each other laugh while they are feeling down. To make each other feel better while relaxing in the shade, sipping on a delicious Pina Colada. Where a black woman is holding hands with a white man, while walking down the street. He makes her happy, and doesn't care what other people think. He would do anything to defend his black queen. He makes her feel warm and beautiful on the inside.I wish for more peace, joy, love. For people to care and share. I wish to share my life with my vanilla man, who isn't afraid to get his just chocolate dessert. To lay beside him, while the world fights among each other. I wish people would stop and stare. To see what happiness looks like. A flower blooms so beautifully. The parties of coming together as one. Ice skating and drinking hot cocoa on the coldest night, wrapped up in the blanket of love. To keep me warm and safe. On the hottest days, the love warms up too! I wish for this dream to come true. Maybe someday, it will.

The End

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