I Wish

Why do you criticise everything I do?

I can never be good enough for you

You tell me to speak up and shut up

Just tell me what you want!

Do you want me to be pretty?

Do you want me to be myself?

Do you need me to be strong for you?

Do you need my help?

Self conscious when I'm near you

Self conscious when I'm not

I can't do anything right in your eyes

Why do you drag me down?

Why can't you just let me be?

You stop my lungs from working 

Stop my eyes from shining

Stopped my voice from singing

Stopped my heart from loving

So what else can you take from me?

What else can you find?

You hate it when they stare at me

You hate it when they don't even look

You hate me, so why are you still here?

Isn't it enough to just tell me these things?

No, you have to tell them too

You tell them how worthless I am

How disgusting and weak and bad

But you don't realise that they don't believe you.

You can't see how it really is. 

I wish you weren't so pushy

I wish you weren't so mean

I wish you weren't so quick to judge.

I wish you weren't me.

The End

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