I Will Not Bow

Burning in my head

The dark will coat over everything

The dead and lost will have to be left behind for recovery

The fuse will be lit and will burn all

The chaotic sphere has lost hope

But I’m not giving in

Watch the end through your heavy dying eyes

Just take this bullet and go to heaven

The clouds pouring ash and raining blood

I am never proud of this cold-blooded fate people have

Why can’t they open their eyes?

Are they blind by the flames?

Crawling underneath my skin

Tempted at every corner

I don’t want to change the world anymore

I give up on it, since it refuses to give a chance to change

I will leave it before it becomes too stone-hearted

I will not bow

Breaking is a weakness to those who look up to you

But you know you are as messed up as them

Surviving paranoid and damaged…no thanks

Falling into the center of misery, agony and misfortune

I will not fade into it

I will stand out; therefore it will capture the minds

Set an example that really speaks truth

The End

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