I Will Never Live Your Lie

Itching at my skin

Crawling on my last piece of sanity

I’m clinging to my saneness

Dilated eyes trying to watch the horror movie titled ‘Life’

I’m not like you

You’re casual tongue are faceless lies

Your weak dead stone heart

Your black manipulating eyes

I feel your hope drain from you

Mine is squeezed out of me since your betrayal

I won’t live the fantasy you want to believe in

Death of it doesn’t mean the choice you made was different than before

You still chose it over me

You broke my heart, shattering it to where I actually feel pain in my chest

I have many imaginations of killing, peeling and burning you and others

But it won’t come true

Why won’t you just die?

I have cried oceans over your choice

I won’t live your weak wicked lie

I’m becoming a monster just like you

After it all you will try to convince me too

It will cause me to fall forever and chase dreams, but you’ll slow me down

I would murder you, and bring you back just to hear you scream again

You deserve to feel pain like I have over your choice you choose

I want to see you cry over my cruelty I have towards you

The same no respect you had towards me

A shadow of the devil…you are nothing less

I refuse to live your demeaning lie

Please show me where you hurt

I long to make it worse

If I ever for a stupid reason live your lie

I will remind you every day what you did

And you will pay for what you have stolen

In return for my sanity I want your life

The End

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