The First Circle - TorturersMature

You always kill me slowly,

Drag your multi-coloured claws across the dull plains of my flesh,

You twist my hair around your wrist, the rusted locks alight in pain and

Anarchic defiance flickers in my heart before you spit over the flame,

Venom and kerosene, the anger heats the hollow chambers, heart all frozen over,

Make me wanna die and I will kill you twice.


My flesh is twisted red and white, the stains of an unreasonable rage,

Blood drips between my fingers, raw and bitten, broken nails, you play your

Mental games of fire and ice; piss on the wound but never let it heal, the poison is

A cage, you hit me with the chains of my own psychological slip-ups.


Stolen razor-blades, a taunting scar of you sealing yourself in my veins,

The river is hot and red, I sink to the depths of your death threats.

Choke me in my own despair and drown me in unfeeling, numb and falling,

Into the arms of everything I've ever lost, everything like it was before,

Let's pray for hatred, plead forgiveness into cold stone faces,

Bury me in a bed of soft and drugged lies.



The End

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