I will Change

 Where I am
Where I am from
I am pretty much the same
Thats probably not a good thing
I look back and actually miss the old days
I know I must be insane
To miss those old days
I know time has faded my memory and the happenings of today has clouded them over
All the stress it takes its toll
I shouldn't complain
I know their are other souls
Who have it worse
So i should be thankful
I am grateful to have what i have
I feel so bad
To have opened my mouth and moved my lips
To basically say i want more
How selfish
Its the behavior of a fat pig
I know I need to grow
To reset my mind and not be so childish
I know
I need to change
I need to mature
Thats for sure
I really do regret all the messes i have caused
None were necessary
Your guess is
As good as mine is
As to why I do this
I will try to get better
I know
Countless times i have said this
I do try
Not as hard as i should I guess
I'm sorry for that
You deserve my best
I will give it my all everyday
I will try not to complain and make a mess of things
I will change

The End

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