I Whisper Her Name

I wipe away her tears.

Place one hand on her waist,

Touch her cheek, and gently press my lips against hers.

I curl her soft hair around my finger,

And stare deep into her eyes.

I whisper her name.

I softly caress her lips with mine,

For a moment, letting them slowly part..

I take hold of both of her delicate hands and pull her closer to me.

My heart beats faster as her pungent fragrance fills my nose.

I just stare at her.

Shes beautiful.

You never leave my mind.

- - - - - -

You will never leave my mind.

I can still picture your beautiful face,

But now all I can do is stare at your name.

Only material things smell of you,

And the slow, thud of my heart only just carries on.

Someone else takes my hand as a gesture of kindness.

Now my lips can only caress yours in the polaroids.

I whisper you name.

A curl of your hair clinges to me,

But that is taken away as well.

Something slides down my cheek,

But I just place my hands in my pockets.

Who will wipe away my tears?

The End

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