I weep, I cry

Crying is the most raw and real version of a person. No hidden fears or feelings, just the true you. Don't be afraid to shed a few tears if it helps.

cry, cry, i weep i cry.
   i sing a song and then i cry.

broken-hearted or friends gone wrong.
   crying, weeping, i sing a song.

they say don't cry. i say why not?
   they say its fine my hearts a knot.

i say please help my crying soul.
   the say please tell me whats your goal?

crying, crying, i feel no fright.
   weeping, crying, has given me light.

were they right or were they wrong?
   understand not, is this their song?

crying, crying, all better now.
   weeping, crying, tell me how?

The End

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