I Was Told to Keep Quiet

I was told to keep quiet during the duration of this play

I was told to keep quiet about the injustice and censorship that took place during a class period

I was told that we would be stoned if we presented this material in its raw form because the community that we live in is or was too narrow-minded to accept that they and their children and grandchildren were effected by racism

I was told that it was not simply all about blacks and whites...

But it was wasn't it?

This whole Thing

For years on end

The desegregation of schools

At that time no Mexicans were thought of

Homosexuals never had the problem of admittance to a school

But I, yes I, was told to keep quiet because the county board wouldn't like it if we dropped the N-bomb or the F-word

Perhaps because those are words they only use in the safety of their own homes

Behind closed doors...

You say this material is only fit for adult audiences,but your children probably say these words more often than you

And what drives children to murder, we so often tend to ask in cases of school shootings....

But.....perhaps it is best that I keep quiet, so as not to offend anyone

And you call yourselves Christians, yet you segregate your churches

And after that divide them into sects of that segregation

What if Jesus would have kept quiet? Perhaps our churches would be casino's for all

Yes, I am resolved to keep quiet, because the storm speaks for me

The storm we call the past, that you so often ignore...

Those thousands of people fighting for their equal rights...And yet we "hold these truths to be self evident"

the rain is their tears, and the thunder, that is their voice

Yes I have been successfully convinced to be quiet

Why would I want you to be aware of todays injustice, I mean it is only the future of the world at stake...

Only the future.....

Of Our World....


The End

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