I Was Broken

It isn't until we deny it, that we see the full extent of His love. He heals those who are broken for His sake, and oh what a wonderful feeling it is.


I'm drowning in my tears,

Shed at the breaking point.

I am finally here.

I'm dependent on You,

Just like You wanted.

What took me so long?


I've been thrown,

And I've been battered.

How far can I go

Once I've been shattered?

You snapped my iron will,

And I answered Your call.


Why does it take pain,

For me to listen?

Why does it take heartache,

For my heart to awaken?

It hurts, but it's wonderful

Because I know I'm feeling You.


Pride was a veil

That fear shaded an innocent black.

I can handle myself.

I don't need your help,

Because inside I'm afraid.

Inside I feel hate.


When I became dry

You cleansed me in water.

And the deeper the wound,

The more it felt better.

But only after the sting

That warned me something was wrong.


I'm glad I was broken.

Though I'll never be worthy,

I trust You again.

You tore off the veil so that I could see.

You ease my shame in brokenness,

Because that's where I finally see your forgiveness.

The End

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