I Was A Patient

I was a patient

The prison was kind

But still in a basement

And I was a patient


My bed was strange

Sleep was restless

And the checks a cadence

But still I was a patient


I am a patient

Lined up for a meal

Thinning my patience

And a capsule of happiness

To swallow and face it


I was the patient

And you were a mother

A sister, but lets face it

I was the patient and you were the nurse


I was a patient

Five days and I’m out

But I feel so ancient

Cause I was a patient


“I was a patient”

you smile and laugh

you think I’m kidding

But my eyes are vacant

“You were a patient”


And god I try to be patient

And though I don’t wear it

You bet I can feel it

The white wrist band

The yellow star saying

“You were a patient”

The End

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