I was 7 years old

I can't remember my younger years
It just seems so long ago
Time has built a wall before me
and with each day continues to grow

I believe I was once 7 years old
But that child has since disappeared
He only exists in old grainy photographs
the lack of recognition evokes fear

I believe I was once 10 years old
but that decade brought me no joy
I can barely remember going to school
But I could have been just another boy

I believe I was once 15 years old
a few strong memories still prevail
The pangs of a broken heart
still occasionally do assail

I believe I was once 24 years old
I remember being utterly alone
Left adrift in this unforgiving world
in the remains of a broken home

I believe I was once 30 years old
and that year my broken heart did mend
True Happiness had found me at last
and no longer did I have to pretend

I believe I was once 50 years old
I had aged swiftly in the blink of an eye
My shoulders now sagged under the weight
For answers I often looked to the sky

I am now but 70 years old
I finally got a chance to breathe
But finding no place for a sad old man
from me they only wanted to be freed!

The End

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