I Want To Tell You

To the people out there who find trouble in their social lives.

I don’t know if this will reach you.

If I’m too far away to hear,

or if I’m too close to ignore.

But buried in my heart

is the longing to heal you.

To fix the open wounds

that you effortlessly keep raw

as if you want to feel the sting.

Deep in my heart, I want you to know

that a loveable person, a worthy friend,

does not rest in the broken social classes,

that their approval is not a food

to feed your soul and self worth.

That the friends you make

on your own time

are the ones that care about who you are

and what you are.

I want, deep in my heart, for you to realize

that your voice is waiting to be heard.

That we all want to hear your truths,

your desires,

your refusals, no matter how hard they may hurt.

Buried in my heart

lies the longing

for you to feel loved

To feel right, and happy, and sure,

about the life you are leading.

I want you

to feel un-bruised


in my arms.

To feel safe,


and cared for

in my protection.

You, my precious friend,



deserve to be loved

with a full heart

and you should settle

for no less

than that.

The End

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