i want to tełł you

to Red Kirkpatrick - i want to thank you for everything you've done for me. i'm sorry you continue to have to put up with my sh*t. but you gave up and partially destroyed your immaculate life to make sure i'm still living today. i can never repay the debt i owe you - and i hope i never have to. i hope that you remain your 7-dimensional self, with everything i've introduced to you and everything you started with.

ps: 'the bicycle'.

i want to tell you
that you're perfect,
for hanging on to someone
so broken that the pieces are lost in the void
and the glue doesn't work anymore.

i want to tell you 
that you are the most beautiful person
that i've ever seen,
with your flaming red hair
and your crystal clear blue eyes.

i want to tell you
all of the secrets in the world,
but i can't,
because half of them are mine,
and the stars look to you for guidance.

i want to tell you
that i know that you hold the sun
in your heart
and i've noticed that it's been burning
away at your chest lately.

i want to tell you 
that the moon dances
behind your back
when you're not looking
and it sparkles so bright that my eyes hurt.

i want to tell you
that i'm so proud of you,
with your ambition and your initiative
and i'm pretty sure i'll wake up one day
and you'll be ruling the world.

i want to tell you
that i love you,
and i would do anything to protect you
at any cost and at any time.
that you are worth it.

į want to tell you
all of the things i haven't
over the years, you with your pure lips
cleanse your sinś
let the sepia filter wash away.

i want to tell you
before it's too late.

The End

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