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I would like to calmly state that Jon Goode, a famous spoken word artist, was at the college I attend. After he presented poetry, there was open mic, and I presented this poem (the audience wanted me recite two of them; "People in Cars" was the other one I chose). After open mic, I went up to Jon, and he initiated a hug. I asked him some questions, and he not only answered my questions, but asked me about my poetry and gave me glowing compliments about it. I'm just so happy :3

I Want to Know

I want to know the sound your heart makes
When you see the person you love walk into the room
I want to know the thoughts you think when
You smile radiantly like a flower's bloom
I want to know what makes you want to
Run outside and laugh in the sun's face
I want to know what words satisfy you
And what words you wish you could erase
I want to know how you can look in the mirror
And not be floored by your own perfection
I want to know how the metal felt against your skin
And if the knife revealed your tears in its reflection
I want to know why you're blinded to
The way I can't stop smiling when I see you
I want to know your dreams for love
And if there's any chance I'll make them come true
I want to know what you fear, and
What makes you cry in agony
I want you to stop pretending to be someone else -
You don't have to clean up, before coming to me

You want me to know your mistakes
So I know what I'm "getting into"
But I don't want to know the reasons I should leave
I want you to know...that I want to know you.

The End

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