i want to go back

This is the first poem i am writting on this website ,hope u guys like it:D

I want to go back and want to play free mind,
I want to see my soul,
I want to touch my sight,
I am going through this pattern of my life,
That will change everything in my mind,
The way I use to see things would be different as day and night,
I want to go back and want to feel that purity in me when i had that young time,
But now the only thing I can think of is worldly filthy things that are in my mind,
I want to go back and play water fights,
But my time is running like light,
I want to dream that i can change this world, not like passion is my life,
I love my life but sometime want to pause time,
I want to go back and play free mind,                                                 

The End

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