I want to be born again

we all have moments where we feel like we are stuck in a forever spiral of darkness and misery with bad habits bringing us down. feel free to join in this. I am positive that I am not the only one who wants to change to be better

I want to be born again,

no more living in sin.

Is this too much to ask,

as I lay down my flask.

I promise to change my ways,

if you promise to always stay.

Its a constant war, giving up drinking,

but I only drink because I'm already sinking.

Mercy is all I ask of you,

as my cold heart is blue.

Free me from this hellish nightmare,

and show me the blessings to share.

Where will I be, I am the lock and you are the key,

please free me from my self pity misery.

I gaze upon the emptiness of this bottle,

and the liquor inside me squeezes the throttle.

The feeling of being intoxicated is a own personal hell,

waking with a hangover of a miss guided bell.

What have I become, passed out on the cold wet lawn,

why have I let the liquor make me its pawn?

I want to be born again,

a life free from sin.

The End

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