i want to be a cowboy

i want to be a cowboy

wearing jingling spurs on dusty boots,

leather chaps and a baggy shirt

maybe dirty grey or faded blue,

a blood red bandanna 'round my neck

to wipe the sweat from my weathered face.

i want to be a cowboy

to ride in a saddle on a buckskin horse,

across far stretched prairies and up rocky buttes,

to sleep most nights beneath the stars

and warm my bones beside a fire,

to saunter into some unknown town,

to ask the barkeep for a drink,

to play some poker, to tell tall tales,

even have a friendly barroom brawl,

And then when i' had finally done it all,

i’d  mount my horse,

and then mosey on.

yes, i want to be a cowboy,

i always have and always will,

i did so way back when, when i was young,

but even more so now,

when i'm growing old and almost gone.


The End

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