I Want A Reputation.


I’m in the process of creating something...brilliant.

I’m creating my background.
My story, my ambitions, whatever they may be.
I’m creating my future and my past,
It’ll be...interesting....you’ll see.

I’m creating my world.
Building it upwards... from the ground.
So that I’ll be having a fine time, on cloud nine,
And I don’t ever plan on coming down.

I’m creating myself.
And acquiring skills...whatever they may be,
Leadership, discipline, heart, and ambition,
Everything...I’m creating me.

I’m creating my reputation.
Building my experience, for when duty calls,
Something for me to reflect on...and be proud of!
And when i enter a conversing room, silence falls.
Of course, it’s built over time,
Time...the older me, will allow.
But at the moment I’m young, and impatient.
I want a reputation, and i want it now!

Ryan Smith – 16/06/11

The End

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