i want a Glasgow love

                             I want a Glasgow love,

sitting beneath the glow

and hum

of the grey stone cathedral,

as the mornings grow numb

so that perhaps

I'm not so full of glum


                         Every night, candles alight

in every brook

in every nook

from eastern burgh

to northern sun

so that I might linger

in new-found light,

my eyes full and bright


                             So awful to deny

how clearly this 

is not my night

or that you might

find me on the cusp

of fight or flight;

is it so hard to believe

why I’m so full of fright? 


                             I want a Glasgow love,

sitting beneath the dreary tree, 

as clouds part to meet the query

of silver light

opening to the cathedral in sight,

and come tonight

I won’t make the great flight

with no love in sight

The End

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