I want..

How wonderful it would be

To put foot on fresh earth

To settle the land

But not own it

To see flowers that grew

Before they needed planting

And to taste the sweetness of fruit

Picked fresh off the bushes

How wonderful it would be

To see animals truly wild

Who have had no contact with humans

In their lives

And to live off of land

Instead of living on it

To treat the soil and earth

Like the miracle it is

It would be beautiful

It would be harsh

It would be natural

Unlike the girls who are brave

For going a day without their makeup

Unlike the men who are brave 

For shedding a tear

I want to be brave

To wonder into unknown places

I want to discover them

And let them be free

Free as they were before they were under ownership

Of the people who boast that freedom is what they are.

The End

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