I Want

Sometimes it's difficult to cry.

I don't want this life.

This constant heartache;

This yearning pain.

I want freedom,

The chance to fly.

To escape the anchor,

That drowns my heart.

I want spices and sunlight,

Great waves and lights.

To see the sun set in to the sea,

And dive in after it.

I want to chase the moon,

And to sail the oceans.

But instead I lie here,

Weighed down by the sorrow

That I keep locked in my heart.

It cannot escape,

Through vessel shaped tears,

Not one wet droplet,

Can I encourage from my eyes.

So waves of doubt,

Despair and anguish,

May crash upon my body.

But never can I lift the anchor,

That holds the relief I'd find in tears.

The End

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