I Want

I want you

I want you,

I desire kisses,

I hunger words,

I demand your attention!

I require your taste,

I fancy your laughter,

I crave your smile,

I need your tears.

I yearn for your touch,

I am hankering for your voice,

I want to be wanted,

I am deprived of a breeze.

I am insufficient funds,

I starve for your allegiance,

I ache for your friendship,

I long for a positive and embracing emotion.

I thirst for something not physical, but emotional,

I aim for respect,

I wish the best for you,

I lust for your power!

I am incline toward your strength,

I want to be your knight,

I prefer to win your heart,

I want to build bridges with you.

I want to make love with you,

I push for acceptance,

I need trust,

I need you to except me for who I am.

I want to be wanted…

I desire to be desirable,

I want to treasure our connection,

Will you caress my needs, my wants…

Will you grant me my desires?

The End

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