I Wanna Know

Oh, deep inside, there’s a rush

I wanna know if there’s more

I wanna know you

Do you catch your breath like I do when you are with me?

If I have to prove it to you

I’ll write your name on a bullet, so it’s the last thing that goes through my head

I wanna know if you think the same

Don’t you wanna know where this could go?

Do you ever think of what all we could be?

Do you ever wonder why I open and close myself up?

Well, I’ll explain what you did

But not why I did it

You made me break my habits

There hasn’t been blood on my arms and walls

I at least attempt not to isolate myself

Or pick myself apart by my memories

I still hurt more than you think

After I got this way I will never be alright

I was so close to have my cure

Then you broke into a barrier that I never thought would be another cure

My heart is a kingdom, and you are the king of it

I wanna know if I’m in your dreams, like you are in mine

Do you feel like you wanna crash into me, like I do you?

I wanna know if you think we can make our own world

I just gotta know, do you even care?

The End

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