I Wanna Be The One

"Give Me Your Hand, Together We Will Make A Stand. Let Me lead You Into Tomorrow As We Dance The Night Away, Begging You To Stay. Just Me And You."

We leave a cloud of dust as it collides with the wind,
 Behind the tail lights of this Chevy truck,
 Speeding towards the horizon, windows down and music loud,
 Watching as you swing that long blonde hair with the shake of your head, saying 'this is what lifes all about.'
 Singing every verse of "Aw Naw" as it cuts through the speakers,
 Those blue eyes shinning with life as they light up the evening, smile as white as the southern clouds.

 Girl, if only the night wouldn't end and today could stay forever,
 I'd be showing you a world of carefree with the love of a love song,
 I'd show you things you've never seen,
 Until the day finally breaks and travels into twelve at midnight and even then the music will blare,

As I hold you in these arms in this parked car in front of a riverside with the moon reflecting in its wake to greet us by glowing brightly in this muddy lake.

 I wanna show you what freedom really is.
 Worries forgotten as we drive across country, listening to Redneck crazy playing over and over,
 Me and you girl, because we're chasing the moonlight into tomorrow.
 I wanna show you that this life we make, is one direction that im willing to take,
 So come on baby, lets go for a ride, just the two of us on this lonely road, listen has the crickets sing along with the night sky,
 And give a chance at love just one try.

 I wanna be the one to make you smile,
 As I show you the better things in life,
 Take my hand and we'll jump into this story together and write our own chapters,
 About an average farmers boy and an American princess,
 Two soul coming together in the midst of a hot July night,
 Fireworks popping and lighting the sky, and igniting our fire,
 Making a night where more than one set of sparks fly.

 I wanna be the one to say we started a life and finished it together in our own tale as this song comes to a close,
 I wanna be the one to make sure everyone knows,
 How two hearts came to be as one,
 And played a single melody in just one tone.

The End

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