I Walked

I walked out into the world.  I walked out into the sun.  I stopped to smell the flowers.  I stopped and listened to the laughter of the children.  I watched as birds swooped in over the water for a tidbit of food. 

I sat in a golden wheat field.  I watched as the breeze blew through the nimble stalks.  I watched each one bend to the will of the wind and change slightly in color. 

It was next that I saw the Weeping Willow.  I parted it's hanging branches like a curtain.  I sat below it, I sat there shielded from the outside world, the branches swaying around me like some exotic dancers of a new tune.

I walked in the Rose garden.  I breathed in the sweet aroma. I marvelled at such beautiful things, at the vivid colors, at the thorns that protected such a delicate flower.

I walked along the shore of the Pacific.  I was in awe at the sheer power of it, the waves breaking against the rocks.  The thunderous sound that accompanied each break.  I listened to the gulls.  I watched the sun shimmer off the surface of the water and I wondered at it's ability to continue it's ceaseless assualt on the shore.

I stood on a high mountain.  I breathed in air so lite, air so fresh.  I looked down upon the world and I decided, what a beautiful place it was.  I decided what a wonderful thing our heavenly father had given us.

I descended the mountain, I left the wheat field, I retreated from the rose garden, I left the willow to weep alone, I left the pacific to continue crashing and boasting of it's power, The sound of the childrens laughter retreated into the background.. I left the birds flying high and low.

I was alone, that was ok, I had walked out into the world, I saw a new world, one of peace and security, a beautiful world standing as our creator had intended from the beginning.

I retreated inside myself, I was happy, My family one and all, kissed my forehead.  I closed my eyes, my spirit escaped, this was my final sleep..

The End

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