I walk with you

I'm walking heart-first
with my feet
to the beat
of the drums
of the earth
and the whispers
of the fleeting moments
when I thought I saw your face
in the shadows of oak trees

Just like those days
you would dress up,
always a lie,
a sad man's song for society's wrongs
and nothing to bear you
through Shakespeare's whips and scorns of time

You're a Disneyland dreamer
caught in the machine wheels
turning out the souvenir T-shirts
in a Longhau textile mill
and nothing to show for it
but your flat front teeth
pressed upon the heartstrings
of my mind, a forgotten hope
never tempered but always cloudy
on a Sunday afternoon
that could have been so clear and bright

Just like your smile,
Your Sunday cartoons with a milkshake smile
that never caught me when I was ready for sunrise,
An excitement coursing through the skein of the rim
of the coffee cup I stared into
when I couldn't bear to look up anymore

The End

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