I Walk Alone

As his arms hold me close
And he whispers in my ear
There is no other place
I'd rather be than here

I think about his touch
And the way he makes me smile
I could walk alone
At least another mile

With the cover of the night
I pretend it's all ok
I know I need to go
But I really want to stay

I know that in the morning
As I leave to go home
I will feel so lonely
because I walk alone

I wait and hope to see
That I'm the only one
And try to gather strength
To finally say I'm done.

I am so lonely
Because I walk alone
As I leave in the morning
And wait for the phone.

He's holding close another
And I cannot get free
I know I walk alone
Because he's not with me.

I know I need to go
But I really want to stay
And the hurt deep inside
Never goes away.

the thought of him with her
Is with me thru the day
It's time for me to go
But I only want to stay.

Somehow I'll break free
And hold my head up high
Because I walk alone
I don't have to cry.

Why can't I be the one
And him not need another
Why do I even care
Why do I even bother

I'd only walk alone
If I were to stay
I know I need to go
I cannot live this way

The End

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