I Walk

A brief poem about life, from birth to death.

A flow of thoughts startle my stagnant mind,
An explosion of ideas wrench me from my dreams,
A wave of being washes over me.
I Awaken.

A beam of light blinds my tired eyes,
A flare of utter radiance stops me from falling back,
Utter life begins to flow through me.
I Rise.

A sense of hope flutters, blooms and grows,
Yet a tide, a current, pulls me on, forwards.
A way before my feet, a roof overhead;
I Walk.

A home around me, built of life and death, ages.
A person that smiles, a person that cries, an endless sea.
Brightened by love; the path before me.
I See.

A heartbeat, made by millions, felt by one, falters.
A clock, batteries gone old, is still right twice.
Blinded by the path long gone;
I Fall.

The End

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