I Used to Write More Often.

I used to write more often
because the things in my life back
then weren't too complicated
for a simple white page.
I used to write more often
because my ideas fit into the neat
lines in my notebook,
and I used to write more beautifully
because life used to be more beautiful.

Now there is only so much
I can say. There is only so far that a single line of a poem can reach before
it runs out and falls to the next page.
There are only so many letters
in the alphabet to mix
and to rearrange, and there are
only so many sounds a single
vowel can make.

I haven't fallen away from writing
because I suffer from "writer's block";
I have fallen away
because not even writing, my lover,
can say what I want to say,

and I can only fail at expressing
the depths of what I feel so many times
before I get exhausted and walk away,
and there are only so many times
that I can despise the work of my own hands
before I abandon the trade entirely.

The End

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