I Used To Think.

I used to think that
Dragging a blade across my skin would
Solve all of my problems.
Maybe, just maybe,
If I scarred myself enough,
I could summon something in myself that would save me.
My blood could conjure the hero in me,
Because I was so far from being saved by anyone
But myself.
But how can I fix myself
If I am broken?
How can I look into the cracks of wrist,
My leg,
My stomach,
And tell myself it was going to be okay?
How could I look into the cracks of the mirror,
And tell myself that I was worth being saved anyway?
I used to think that I deserved every scar,
And that I was just making it easier,
To be hurt by my own hand than by theirs.
But soon, I realized
Just how stupid I was,
And just how fixed I could be,
If I stopped breaking myself.

I know that you think that you're stupid,
Or worthless or ugly or breakable,
But you are strong
And beautiful and you can fix yourself.
You can fix yourself.

The End

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