I Used to be a Princess

I used to be a princess

But I didn't wear a crown

That's what Daddy used to call me

Even though I didn't wear a gown

I didn't own a castle

With an alligator moat

In the parades

I didn't wave, 

From the biggest, pretties float

But I was Daddy's princess

You could see it in his eyes

And when he danced, he twirled me

And you could see it wasn't a lie

I was his pretty princess

Without my very own prince

When I used to ask him about that

You could see him wince

Because I was his 

And he was mine

That's all we needed to be

Anyone who was around

Could, quite plainly, see

Then I grew up

And Daddy, too

And I guess maybe I outgrew

The dancing and the name

But Daddy's pretty princess

To this day I will remain

The End

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