I Try

every time you make me laugh those feelings start flowing in and my heart ache's a little, i try to forget every word you say to me but it all rushes on back and im not able.

i try not to listen to my body and not give a damn just another one of my faliures, your every touch still lingers.

i try to erase all the sensations and the way your hands dance agianst my skin, the way this feels has to be a sin.

yes, its true, these past memories have effected me more then i'll ever admit, i might have had a weakness for you but i will never submit.

you had me smitten, my judgement was broken.

i had finally let down my gaurd, but you played me hard.

i'm done living in the past, you wont be my last.

i'm moving on, but i know that someday you'll wish you had held on.

i'm the girl that you will always think back to forever playing the "what if" game, all you will have are the memories of an old flame.

you just wanted to be cool, well tell me how does it feel to be a fool.





The End

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