I Thought So

I thought that you'd be happy for me

I have finally found my place

Instead you tell me about your jealousy

So wishful thinking wasn't the case

I thought that you would think of me

And you too, would be on my mind

But as soon as I left, I was erased

Out of your reality, erased from man kind

I thought that you would understand

This wasn't what I wished for

But this is life, the way it is

But you do not understand, not anymore

To tell the truth I knew, you wouldn't be happy

You would be more than just upset

I knew it was coming, I saw it all along

Why was I the one to stay hesitant?

I knew you wouldn't think of me

Only in my hopes and dreams

But when I first met you I thought you were different

But your not exactly what you seemed

I knew you wouldn't understand

Never, not in a million years

Instead you brought sadness apon yourself

Fights, misunderstandings, and many, many tears


So here I stand with so much to say

I really thought you should no

I thought you were a true friend someone I could trust

But hey, I just thought so...

The End

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