I Thought of You Last Night

I thought of you last night.
For the first time in years, I thought
Of how your eye's shone like stars
Creeping through the daylight.

I never was your family.
I never was your friend.
I can remember telling you that,
Telling you put it to an end.

You think I wanted to hurt you?
You think I wanted to cause all that pain?
You think I want to remember you,
Or even think of your name?

I had blocked you out for so long.
I was slowly beginning to think you were gone.
Now forever burning in my chest
Was the hole I carved there, I thought leaving you was for the best.

I never would have been any good
I broke your world to pieces,
But at the time I was young and stupid,
Doing everything I thought I could.

Loving you was never an option, I never doubted that
I never wanted to give you up but they took you from my unwilling heart.
Now, somewhere, I am hoping you can hear me,
Begging for a brand new start.

So now I sit and feel tears shed from eye's,
I sit alone and I cry.
For I love you, I loved you,
More than my stone heart ever showed you.

Please forgive me for I will never forgive myself.
Because I love you now, I always will.
Your heart I never meant to kill.
Now your name it will resonate like no other.

Love you always,
Your ever dying Mother.

The End

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