I Thought I Knew You

Confused? Me too.

The hands that held me
Held me safe in the night
Away from the edge disappear
And now the void
Hungrily eyes my humanity

I've seen some things
And done some things
Which could purge it
Entirely without pause
Leave me just a husk

This empty vessel
Which stands alone
But aches for company
Is not who I was

That boy is gone
Star shine glint
Dead stare in the twilight
Hopeful heart dashed against the rocks

The time we had was precious
I hold it so tightly
But it still torments me
I wish I could find it

But there will never be replacement
Of the faith I had
You left me abandoned
Stone cold on the floor

I knew your heart so well
More intimately than my own
Your unpredictable nature
Was why I loved you so

The scenery we painted
Beauty beyond this world
Slashed and tattered in the instant
You turned away from me

And so you surprised me
That smile vanished quickly
Turned to a blank canvas
Then you kicked over all my paint

Here I've since been
Covered in the colours
Of my hope and faith and cheer
Your brush the knife twisted in this mortal wound

You wanted me for so long
Then had me come to life
While whispering sweet nothings
That turned to poisoned lies

Not lies to myself but you
Convincing I was what you needed
But you grew beyond your own pain
And decided I was surplus

What you took from me
Was a gift for one person only
In this world of forgotten times
A more precious thing there isn't

So where should I look now
To discover that world again
Is there even any point
To such a desperate goal

You broke me
Cast me down among the wreck
I don't know why it was so sudden
I thought I knew you

The End

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