I Thought I Knew

we pray for so many things and take the step of faith. but little do we know what to expect and proudly we think we are ready and we have learned our lessons until God brings us to the cross roads one more time to decide if we want to rely on our own strength or that of the Lord.

I thought I knew how to cope

That I was ready for the solitude

And yet You do not seize to amaze me

By my lack of readiness

In my own failing strength


I asked You to take me apart


To separate me from thy past

To only realize how easily we hold on

To the pain that lasts


I   prayed for You to guide me


Away from what destroys

To only find myself stubbornly

Where I left off throwing out my toys


I begged of Thee to give me discernment


Of where not to tread

But so I again foolishly stumble in old tracks

Blind to the wisdom you so abundantly fed


NOW  I can see the blessings in all repeated challenges


You have opened my eyes

Through troublesome afflictions

Between pain and deceit

In countless tears lost over lonely nights


How can I trust if not able to lean on Thee

For when I am weak I am strong

Every step compelled by Your grace


Lord I surrender

I want to know you more

I need to hear your voice

I ache to be filled

To overflow with your presence

Your love

Your joy


That I may stand worthy

To share all of You in full

 To give all in service of Your heart

The End

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