i think you must have had to've seen this coming


oh, my darling, 
we were not built to last

we pushed each other on the playground, 
spat juvenile insults 
and shoved shoulders at snack time

and then 

the world got hard, 
and my parents split 
and suddenly people didn't like you anymore

they had never liked me 
but you weren't used to this sudden hostility

so we fell into each other, 
pulled and dug in until we fit 

and we've never stopped fitting, 
it's just become harder for me to bend myself
so that you like me

and i, 
i am the momfriend,
the overprotective, constantly-prepared 
mess of a human being 

i bring snacks and bandaids and umbrellas, 
tampons and pads and gum and cab money, 
all in my endless bag 

i wear an extra sweater because i know you won't bring one 
and i know you'll never tell me when you get cold 

and see 
the problem isn't you

the problem has always been and will always be me

and i can't blame you if you ever decide to just 
stop having to deal with my sh-t

i tried to keep you out of it, 
i promise you i did 
but it didn't work and i broke down 

i am your go-to advice-giver, 
who you turn to when you're scared or confused or worried, 
when you have no idea what to do 
and nothing makes sense and you can't tell anyone else

because i am a dying pinprick of a star 
in a dark sky 

but i guess in the blackest wasteland expanse, 
even the weakest light can seem a little bit bright. 

The End

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