i think that i've lost somethingMature

something i maybe never had in the first place.

i think that i've lost something,

something important,

but i can't remember what's missing,

please help me, please?

i, oh god, i need help.

suicide watch, razorblades,

bloodstained tears

and i've still lost something.

do you think that i'm capable of love?

because anytime i try to care,

it only ends in disaster.

i think it's easier if i just shut myself out.

just a drop of formaldehyde,

chloroform, arsenic,

old lace from the cupboard

and black-and-white movies.

sunny days,

and egotistical brats,

and girls in white dresses,

these are a few of my least favorite things.

i want to marry, i want to be a mother

and i want to be able to write

under a name that is mine, but

i'm getting none of these things anytime soon.

i'm bisexual,



and i hide

beneath leather jackets

and books

and this keyboard.

i'm still not quite sure,

have i lost my




or have i just lost

all of my remaining


The End

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