I think I liked you better when you liked yourself lessMature

This is not a song
More a funeral dirge
I wrote it for you.
But you wont care to hear it
You wont believe its true.

I remember all the memories we've ever had
were they supposed to hurt this much?
did we mean to kill each other?
or did we do it just to silence our own hearts.
a cowards suicide. Love.

tell me how, love.
tell me how you watched me die.
did you like it? did you love it?
did you wonder why you did it?

Lay down with me, relax.
close your eyes, just for a second
thats all i needed.
thats all i need.

blame me, i like it.
tell me you love me, i wont believe it.
did you ever?
could you ever?
open your wounds and feel like me?

maybe if you had we wouldn't be so fucking dead
though you never seemed alive to begin with.
I swear i didn't mean to make you suffer
i didn't mean to watch you drown
i didnt mean to like it.

i didnt mean to love you so much it crushed your lungs                                                             and broke your ribs                                                                                                                                     and made you cry in pain                                                                                                                         tell me you love me,  

 tell me you love me, 

Just tell me you love me and I'll stop, I promise.          


We used to be so simple

what changed? what went wrong?

tell me why I'm six feet deep
screaming the under takers song.

Your family lays you to rest
while I stare at the roof of my bed forever.
tell me love, do you like the flowers she chose?
do you love her choice of clothes?
black and tear stained
she'll miss you the most
Im just a corpse in the ground
a whisper of a ghost

then again we both are,
we chose to hate each other
to never forgive for what we've done
and try to love another

Dead of each others hand
thats the closest we'll ever be
Its far too late now, but I ment to ask you,

will you lie forever next to me?

The End

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