I talk of...

I, of course, talk of love and the soul we keep inside but refuse to embrace.

Hidden in a world of material desires

Absent the soothing meaning of pleasure,

Lies a lie blind to most.

I talk of  the silence inside people's heart

Whispers that most choose to ignore

Myself included, I must admit,

Murmurs that when I took the time to listen,

To decipher,

I realized I wanted the spark that made me who I am

To drink the waters from the seas of change,


To see a future once again;

I talk of love.

I talk of things many claim was lost in time,

Like tears in rain

I talk of the existence of a light;

A spark that makes us who we are.

Locked away, it seems, for most of us

Tied by chains of expectations, behind bars of society.

Locked in prison, it screams for freedom,

But all we hear is its whispers.

I may not know much of what I say,


Such things can never be contained,

It must be embraced.

The End

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