I Swear I'm Not Crazy

Inspired by 'Girl Interrupted'
A poem about someone denying insanity.

I swear to you I'm not crazy




The words knife edged, slitting my wrists for me

Don't you dare put me in that straight jacket

Or force feed me those pills

I don't need them

They do nothing for me

Freedom, fresh air

I yearn for it

But I'm trapped between these four milk walls

Gazing out my window

Into normality

Where I belong

Disbelieving eyes peer down from white jackets

Black pen whip across unforgiving paper.

It's all lies!

Yes, I feel sad

Don't we all?

Maybe I see things that aren't really there

Or consider killing myself because nobody cares

Talk to myself because I hate being alone

And scream when people don't hear me moan

Perhaps I need help

With my pendulum temper

But that doesn't mean that my mind's on the bender

I don't need a visit upon your black seat

Or a long plastic tube just because I won't eat

I'm normal


As right as rain

And I swear to you, Doctor

That I am sane.



The End

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