no hope, no beautyMature

I breathe in.
I breathe out.
Simply giving into the pressure in my chest.

I hold on.
I hold up.
Simply giving into what I know is best.

I keep silent.
I hurt inside.
Simple because I don't know another alternative.

Secretly shielding. 
The grief I hold near and dear to my heart.
I both love and hate this sorrow.

My eyes grow weary.
I feel my heart growing faint.
Will the light within burn till the end of my days?

I find joy in the simple things.
A ray of sunshine through the clouds, a child's laughter.
Some days it's enough to keep me going.

Then there are others, darker days.
When I can't hold it together.
And I cry, I cry until there are no more sobs to wrack my body.

And I breathe.
I hold on.
I keep silent. 

And I cry out for hope.
I scan the horizon for a future. 
I look forward to the day I can dance or cry without reservation. 

The End

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