Scattered AboutMature

I hope you know I think of you always.
I hope you know that I'm still holdin' your hand. 

You are bits of me, scattered about in my head and heart.
You lead one way, God leads me another.

I'm torn between you and what I know I should do.

You are the waves lapping up onto the shore.
You are the thunder at night.

You are the scent that brings me peace.
You are the sound that makes me cringe. 

You are father kissing his daughter.
You are the psycho man chasing his wife.

You are the my inspiration.
You are my depression.

You are my love.
You are my fear.

You are the safety of the forest.
You are the grief of a casket.

You are the safe embrace of a father.
You are the hand slapping my face. 

You are the white roses at the store.
You are the flowers that remind me of the funeral home.

You are the sound of laughter at the park.
You are at the end of the barrel of a gun.

I see you places where you have been. 
And places you will never be.

You are everywhere.
Yet you are nowhere. 

The End

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