"Where is the Lord?" my soul cried out in distress.
"Where is the God that swore to save me?"
Anger and bitterness have been given a foundation.
A wall has been built.

I hear the Lord crying softly on the other side.
Heart breaking to hear His tears, but tell myself to be strong.
I am angry at Him, there is no room for sorrow.
It is He who has done this to me.

Suddenly aware of my own mortality, my heart quivers.
Love has been cut off, fear for losing those I love.
Go away, go deeper in. 
It is I who deserves to be punished, not they.

I can't hold out like this forever.
I need a hope in something I can trust.
It is not blind, it is faith.
Tear down the pride I have built within. 

I'm coming back, Father.
I'm sorry for breaking your heart.
I'm sorry I'm confused about life.
Please accept me back. 

The End

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