Father, Father I'm crying out to you tonight.
The tears won't stop streaming from my eyes, the pain is too great.
I keep pacing around the room, wringing my hands.
Terrified the pain won't stop, not matter what I do.

Daughter, my beautiful daughter I hear you.
I am hurt that you are hurting, I store every precious tear in a bottle.
Please don't be anxious, you can make it through.
The pain won't last forever, won't you give it to me? 

But Father, this hurts too greatly.
I hate myself so, won't you release me to do as I wish?
Won't you hate me as much as I hate myself?
I want to punish myself, and punish myself relentlessly. 

Oh my princes, my jewel, I know you are in pain.
You are not perfect, nor do I expect you to be. 
I love you with an undying love, you are the apple of my eye.
You do deserve to be punished, but I have forgiven you. 

Jesus can't you see!
I'm stuck in this pit I don't even deserve!
Grief and sorrow have overtaken my soul, I am losing hope!
Don't abandon me, don't leave me alone!

My Child, my Child I see can't you?
I am right here with you, holding you close to my heart.
I will heal you, I will not let you continue on like this.
Never will I leave you, the demons won't take you.

Blood I deserve, Abba, I deserve to punish myself.
I deserve the scars I would inflict upon myself.
My heart is sinking from guilt, how could you ever love me?
Help me not to give up tonight.

Oh my precious Daughter, my heart breaks for you.
I took your scars for you, I took your pain!
I have felt it all, I have felt abandon.
I'll hold you close, gently soothe you to sleep.

Not a night will go by you are alone. 

The End

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