judge meMature

just when I think I cannot go on.
i have no reason to live.
you come to me, you give me hope.
hope to live yet another long day.

but i cry. 
i cry endlessly.
every time i think of what has transpired.
my hope fails me yet again.

Lord do not abandon me in my weakness!
do not leave me to the demons that torment my blackened heart!
you know my thoughts, you know my heart!
rescue me, o my God!

judge me justly, give me what I deserve.
i know my heart is wretched, i know i deserve hell.
but please, have mercy on me a sinner.
love me though you see all of me.

"you will have no scars on your arms, daughter.
that is not what I have for you.
you are forgiven, you are washed clean.
hide in the shelter of my wing."

The End

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