I still...

Flash back, memories

I still think of you,

dream of you and your voice,

your southern accent saying my name,

I still love you  after all you put me through,

but it's over,

the snow stops falling and the rain lets in,

down pours with hail,

lightning strikes as I hold an umbrella up to the sky

chancing fate,

losing my sense of right and wrong,

crawling into my bed

I let this weigh me down,

its' over,

the stars fall and burst upon my lips,

the sun turns dark and cold,

spiders spin their webs and lyrics to the sad song of my anthem,


I lead this life,

falling apart,

your breaking my heart,

we could be over and over,

the lights turn off

and I close my eyes,

letting my tears fall upon my face

like razor blades,

a twist in my story

The End

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