I should hate you

You should be the last thing on my mind.

Why can't I let you go?

We both know that we're both

Better when we're alone.

You chase me through my dreams

In waking you run from me.

A sour taste on my tongue

'Cause I remember you were the one.

The one who let me down,

Who brought me down.

And didn't stop to lift me from the ground.

You wanted me to fall.

You wanted me to hurt.

You thought that it would heal you 

But it only made you worse.

You see my face on every stranger

And try to run but still remember.

You know you can't forget me

Broken and flawed though I am.

You see yourself in my eyes

And you'll come back again.

Baby I know, I should hate you

Like you hate me

But why should we try to be free?

'Cause I am stuck on you

And you know you're stuck with me.

So I'll take you back. I'll let you in.

I'll be the one you can't escape

'Cause I'm the one who can't escape.

The End

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